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The following 18 pages give price details and pictures of the wide range of products that we stock and distribute- including collected and delivered prices for a wide range of potters clay. We do not guarantee stock levels so you may want to ring before visiting. 

Customers often find easier to use the downloadable price list and save it on their "desktop" - when talking to us about products we can then direct them to the same page that we are looking at - DOWNLOAD LATEST PRICE LIST (in Black and White - no pictures) and LATEST COLOUR CATALOGUE

It is not an on-line shop - you can phone us, email us or fax but at some point you will need to speak to a human being at either the Doncaster branch  on 01709 770801 or Exeter branch on 01395 233077 to check that we have the stock, check on any ambiguities and pay us by debit card or bank transfer - we then despatch the items as soon as we can - often the same day.
Please note that 20% VAT is still to be added on to the prices and delivery where appropriate. 
Schools, colleges, government bodies can place order "on account if on official paperwork" - though we suggest that they check with us the prices and delivery charges first.

Please be patient as there is a lot of information on each page.


Valentines & Earthstone Clay - Exeter/Doncaster Stock

You can collect or order for delivery by courier the excellent range of Valentines and Earthstone clays that we have in stock in Exeter/Doncaster. These 2014 prices are for collection and mail-order. We do not hold in stock their full range only about 64 of them! 

(We do not stock Potclays or Spencroft in our stores but we can arrange 250kg + pallet deliveries of those ranges.)

Valentines & Earthstone Clay - Direct Delivery

You can order 250 kg, 500 kg, 1 ton or a mixed pallet of any clay from the Valentines and Earthstone clay ranges for delivery to your road on named day tail-lift vehicle. E.g. Standard Red GBP 218.82 + VAT and Stoneware Buff clay at GBP 250.99 + VAT delivered main area UK on a tail-lift named day basis.

Potclays Clay - Direct Delivery

You can order 250 kg, 500 kg, 1 ton or a mixed pallet of any clay from the Potclays clay ranges for delivery to your road on named day tail-lift vehicle. this page has prices of a popular selection. E.g. 1137 Standard Red GBP 185.96 + VAT and 1124 Sanded Buff School Clay GBP 303.58 + VAT delivered main area UK.

Spencroft Clay - Direct Delivery

You can order 250 kg, 500 kg, 1 ton or a mixed pallet of any clay from the Spencroft clay ranges for delivery to your road on named day tail-lift vehicle - this page gives details on their full range. E.g. SRB/Eight Red GBP 211.50 + VAT and Stoneware Buff GBP 240.94 + VAT delivered main area UK.

Potters Raw Material, Frits, Plasters, Oxides

You can collect or order for delivery by courier from our range of Raw Materials:- Basic Materials, Colouring Oxides, Frits & Plasters. We usually have very good prices for our materials especially the metal oxides. See price list for full details.

Potters Tools & Equipment 

Stoppers, orton cones, magnets, whirlers, moulds, scales, mixing tools, sponges, forged steel tools, tile cutters, buckets, containers, natches, scoops, tongs, clay gun, slip trailers, clay cutters, harps, needles, brushes, sieves, palettes, kidneys, throwing ribs, sticks, knives, hole cutters, turning tools, boxwood modelling tools, gloves, apron, mask, looped & ribbon tools. See price list for full details - includes many pictures to guide you.

Bisqueware & Pressmoulds 

Bisque tiles, Press moulds, Bisque utility ware, Bisque fairies, vehicles, penguins and other animals for fun and school use.

Kiln Furniture, Repair & Accessories 

Nichrome wire, insulating bricks, pyrometers, props, stilts, tile setting cranks, bead stands, batts, shelves, thermocouples, raku burners, controllers, ceramic fibre blanket, mortar etc.

Rohde Kilns

Electric or Gas or Raku Style, Top or Front Loading Kilns- delivered direct from this highly respected German manufacturer (we usually have a Rohde Ecotop 43L 13 amp 1320oC top loader in stock). Downloadable brochures and instruction books.

Potters Wheels 

Shimpo, Rohde and Gladstone wheels - details, pictures and prices (we usually have the Shimpo RK3T, Frema PWDCT and Rohde  HMT500 wheels in stock at a very good price). We also now stock the Shimpo seat and some marine plywood wheel bats and some treated mdf wheel bats.

Potters Machinery

Rohde and Gladstone machinery - Made to Order - details, pictures and prices - Pugmills, Slab Rollers, Drying and Damp Cabinets, Glaze Mixer, Clay Extruder, Spray Booths, Sedimentation Tanks.

Potters Dictionaries & Handbooks

We stock the very comprehensive Hamers' Potter's Dictionary of Materials and Techniques, two of the best general pottery making guide books available - by Dan Rohde and by Jacqui Atkin, 26 of the "Ceramics Handbooks" series and 9 of "The New Ceramics " series of affordable and excellent guides to the world of the ceramicist.

TERRACOLOUR Earthenware Powder and Brush On Glazes

This page shows the excellent range of Terracolour Earthenware Powder Glazes and Terracolour Earthenware Brush-on Glazes and Earthenware Fluid Brush-on Glazes  - glossy, satin, matt, mica, speckled, metallic - many in powder, all of them in 230 ml / 325 g Brush-on pots and some them also in 500ml / 700g pots.

TERRACOLOUR Stoneware Powder and Brush On Glazes incl Crackles

This page shows the excellent range of Terracolour Stoneware Powder Glazes and Stoneware Matt, Glossy and White Crackle Powder Glazes.   We can supply most of them as powder or (mixed by CTM) in 230 ml / 325 g Brush-on pots and 500 ml / 700g pots.

CONTEM & SPECTRUM Raku and Crackle Glazes

This page shows the excellent range of CONTEM Raku Glaze Powders (which can be used as Earthenware crackle glazes) and Spectrum range of Raku 450 ml and 114 ml Brush On Pots.

CONTEM Underglazes

This page shows the excellent range of CONTEM Underglaze Colours.  There are 48 different colours in the CONTEM Underglaze range - available in 250 g Brush-on pots, small and large jerricans & available in powder form - very popular with ceramic cafes, schools and other educational establishments; our very popular 

Glaze Frits / Basic Glazes

This page details Glaze Frit Powders, Basic Glazes - Dipping & Brush On, Universal Glaze Medium

Glaze Stains, OnGlaze, Decorating Slips, Porcelain Glazes, Lustres, Underglaze Pencils

This page lists details on Glaze Stains which are available in 26 different colours from 100 g to 1 kg lots, On Glazes, Lustres, Decorating Slips, Porcelain Glazes,  and Underglaze Pencils.

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Open for collection 9.30am-4.30pm Mon-Fri and from 10.00am to 3.00pm on the 1st Saturday of each month (check re: January) - if possible please ring your order through the previous working day.

Credit Card and Business Debit Card Charges: We pass on to you what your credit card company charges us - 2.5% of net price (we do not take American Express - they charge almost 4%)

To Order or check Delivery Charges go to "Ordering and Delivery Charges" - example courier charges: up to 4kg = 6.50, up to 18kg 7.50, up to 25kg = 9.00 for the first box (7.50 for extra 25kg boxes) all plus VAT.

Doncaster Branch - Telephone 01709 770 801 Fax 01709 770 803 - Unit 7 Broomhouse Lane Ind Estate, Edlington, Doncaster DN12 1EQ doncaster@ctmpotterssupplies.co.uk 

Exeter Branch - Telephone  01395 233 077  Fax 01395 233 905 - Unit 10A Millpark Ind Estate, Woodbury Salterton, nr Exeter EX5 1EL admin@ctmpotterssupplies.co.uk

Prices and availability can change at any time but we try to hold them as long as possible - this is the latest February 2014 price list 2014 CTM POTTERS SUPPLIES PRICE LIST pdf . and the LATEST COLOUR CATALOGUE

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