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Nabertherm Top 100 - 31 Amp

Including B500 Controller

CTM Price : GBP 3,011.17 + VAT = GBP 3,613.40

Full Shelf + Prop Set : GBP 163.00 + VAT = GBP 195.60

Total including Shelf Set : GBP 3,174.17 + VAT = GBP 3,809.00

Upgrade to C540 controller is GBP 300.00 + VAT = GBP 360.00

Unless collected from the Doncaster warehouse an ALL DAY pallet delivery would

need to be arranged. The pallet is lowered off the vehicle on the street.

The driver will move the pallet using their pallet truck only if there

are no kerbs, slopes, gravel etc.  You will need help with you on the day   

to lift the kiln and to move it - the driver is not insured to help.

Example delivery charges : Area 1 - BS / DE / LS = GBP66.78 incl VAT     Area 2 - BR, PE, SP, YO = GBP70.14 incl VAT     Area 3 - BH, BN, TA = GBP83.70 incl VAT

Area 4 - E, N, PL = GBP94.32 incl VAT    Area 5 - EH, ML, TR = GBP97.20 incl VAT. If you want an AM or PM service the freight company surcharge is GBP18 incl VAT

The Nabertherm Top 100-31 amp pottery kiln - if you are looking for a powerful, efficient kiln with relatively small foot print for full stoneware and porcelain this could be the perfect kiln for your  workshop. Attractive design, low weight and good firing results. This top loader is perfectly suited for a large home studio or small workshop studio. Internal dimensions 480mm diameter x 570mm tall - good compromise kiln whilst staying below 32 amps.





You can speak to us (or send an email) to discuss this kiln or to get advice on what kiln would suit your budget / power supply / size of what you make (shallow and wide or tall and narrow)/ what clay you use / how often you fire.  

We are happy to give advice before you purchase and hold your hand from a distance for years to come.  Lead time for a Nabertherm kiln to arrive into our warehouse is 3-4 weeks after you have placed a deposit and then when it arrives we would book in with you and you would make the final payment.

Typically 3-4 week lead time to bring into UK