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All prices are in GBP - often per kg - and need delivery and VAT to be added. For some items there are pictures or more information if you press on the link. You can order by email, phone, fax but but you cannot pay online - please see ORDERING

Please Note

Glazes and Colours

Delivery Charges

Stoneware Glazes:-

Clear and White Glazes

Powder and some Brush On

Stoneware Glazes:-

Staffordshire Traditional

ST Glazes

Powder and Brush On

Stoneware Glazes:-



S600 Glazes

Powder and Brush On

Stoneware Glazes:-

Single Colour Glossy

GZ1900 Glazes

Powder and Brush On

Stoneware Glazes:-

Single Colour Matt

GZ4000 Glazes

Powder and Brush On

Decorating Slips:-


Porcelain Glazes:-

GZ2300 Glazes

Powdered Glazes

Stoneware Glazes:-

CONTEM single colour Glossy SW and

Mid Range Glazes

Powder and Brush On

Earthenware Glazes:-

Clear and White Glazes

Powder and some Brush On

Earthenware Glazes:-

CONTEM single colour E/W  Glazes

Powder and Brush On

We can also make these in mid temp and stoneware temperatures with notice

Earthenware Glazes:-

Terracolor E/W Powder Glazes

Powder and Brush On

Earthenware Glazes:-

Terracolor E/W

Brush On Glazes

Brush On

E/W Raku & S/W Crackle Powders:-

RAK & GZ2310 Glazes

Powdered Glazes

Earthenware Glazes:-Metallic Glazes

1040-1050oC B/On

1020-1080oC Powder

 Powder range and Brush On Range

Glaze Stains:-

GS Powders - 66 stains for adding to glazes, slips, clays etc

Powdered Stains


Raw Materials - pure oxides and carbonates for glaze recipes

This link will take you out of this section to the Raw Material - Oxides section

Underglaze Liquid Brush On's:-

UG Brush On's

Brush On Under Glaze Liquids

Underglaze Pencils:-

Low firing

ceramic pencils

Lustres and On Glazes:-

Lustres 740-850oC

On Glazes 780-840oC

It is usually important to match the clay and glaze temperatures to prevent glazes peeling, cracking etc. Also, use the glaze manufacturer recommended temperature - if you can please visit us to see sample tiles to see what thickness and temperature can do. Generally Earthenware is fired below 1100oC and Stoneware is fired above 1100oC - mostly above 1200/1220oC+ to get a true oxide colour reaction.


Careful Bisque Firing is Vital

If you regularly get glaze fire problems such as pin holing, underglazes peeling, glaze blister, bloating and pieces splitting open it could be down to too fast a bisque fire.

Gasses are produced during the bisque firing and if the firing rate is too fast these gasses can get trapped and then when you glaze fire they reacte again and try to get out any way they can - sometimes just leaving behind pin holes and some times peeling off glazes and splitting the ware.

Ensure you wipe down all the salts after a bisque fire as they can block pores stopping the glaze from sticking and they can reboil making pinholes at best and peeling off the glaze at worst. Especially clean the edges of a piece where the stress on glazes can be the greatest.