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Rohde Kilns

  • Electric Top Loaders

There are three ranges of Rohde Electric Top Loaders - giving a choice of sizes from 20 litres to 300 litres; with a variety of shapes to suit most purposes and options such as floor heating on some of the range and extendable kilns.

  • Electric Front Loaders

There are four ranges of Rohde Electric Front Loaders - giving a choice of sizes from 55 litres to 1000 litres; with a variety of power and shapes to suit most purposes. There are many options to consider adding to your front loader; as well as the option of Rohde's patented drawer loading system as shown below

Page: Electric Front Loaders

  • Gas Kilns

Rohde offer gas / reduction enthusiasts Raku Top Loaders up to 170 litres, Raku Front Loaders  up to 150 litres; Gas Top Loaders up to 270 litres and Front Loaders with firing kit up to 1000 litres. Many options inculding automated firing systems

Rohde Manuals, Instruction books and Practical Tips Videos

We stock many Rohde spares : elements,  gas struts, castors, thermocouples etc etc.

  • Square Top Loaders

This page shows the Quattro series of square top loading kilns and  the unique alternative to a front loader - the BT rectangular top loading kilns.

  • Hood Kilns

Developed from the TE-S series top loaders and enables very tall objects to be fired with internal heights of 680 mm and 900 mm.

  • Ergo Load System

Rohde patented drawer bottom system - from 150 to 1000 litres. We may have one on display at Exeter branch.

Rohde Machinery

follow this link to Rohde Machinery:-

PW600 Slab Roller

TS20 Pugmill

SK66 Spray Booth

AB100 Sedimentation

HMT600 Wheel

Delivery Charges

Rohde’s kilns are popular as they have such a wide range, are well designed, engineered, have a good quality control regime, a wide practical choice of dimensions and a three year warranty (excluding elements).


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We will listen to you to ensure you get the best kiln for your needs and budget and help you with firing curves and firing / glaze problems for as long as you need us.

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