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Rohde Machinery

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Rohde HMT600 Potters Wheel   #Wheel


 Rohde TS20 Pugmill


Rohde PW600 Slab Roller


 Rohde SK66 Spray Booth

                          Rohde AB100 Sedimentation Basin - Clay Trap

Rohde HMT600 Potters Wheel

CTM Potters Price:-

HMT600 Wheel - £1,595.00 + VAT = £1,914.00

Optional Seat - £160.00 + VAT = £192.00

Optional Shelf - £70.00 + VAT = £84.00                   Total CTM Price £1,825.00 + VAT = £2,190.00

[Rohde List Price is £2,362.80 for the full set]

This is a collected price - delivery would be by pallet to the kerbside and would depend on your postcode

  • The HMT 600 has been designed for everyday use in potters’ workshops. The high-performance ROHDE machine combines modern control and drive technology with excellent ergonomics that can be integrated into any individual workshop routine.

  • The various setting options for the machine and seat do not require any tools and guarantee individualised working for unlimited creativity. The quiet and high-torque drive ensures perfect work procedures even under the highest load.

  • Splash Pan drain hole with closure and overflow feature

  • The optional storage shelf is the perfect additional solution for storing tools, accessories or finished ware.

  • Special features of the HMT 600:

  •     Aluminium wheel-head, diameter 340 mm
  •     Wheel-head equipped with device for quick change of wooden batts
  •     Quiet and powerful high-torque drive, continuously and flexibly adjustable via foot pedal
  •     Left and right drive
  •     Working height adjustable from 550 to 680 mm, width 700mm, length 1220mm + seat, weight 54kg + seat

  • Aluminium wheel head - The high-quality 340 mm diameter aluminium wheel head guarantees an even work surface and smooth running. The wheel head is equipped with threaded holes for drive screws, to mount  wooden batts.

  • The ergonomic seat can be adjusted for height, inclination and distance to the wheel without additional tools, thus enabling individual adaptation to the user's body size.

  • The optional storage shelf is the perfect additional solution for storing tools, accessories or finished ware.
  • High-quality Siemens motor - The quiet and powerful Siemens motor can be operated in either a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.

  • The speed of the wheel can be controlled using the infinitely variable Yamaha foot pedal and, thanks to the 1.5 m long connection cable, it can be positioned wherever you wish at the pottery wheel.

  • The adjustable feet allow the pottery wheel to be set to a working height between 550 and 680 mm without tools, thus enabling individual adaptation to the conditions in your workshop.

  • Easy cleaning - For easy cleaning the large splash pan protrudes over the head of the wheel head and catches any liquids. In addition, it has sophisticated drain and overflow protection. This enables quick cleaning and protects the internal mechanics.

Rohde TS20 Pug Mill

CTM Potters Price:-

TS20 Pugmill - 13 amp UK Plug In - £3,650.00 + VAT = £4,380.00

TS20 Pugmill - special order - Three Phase -  £3,600.00 + VAT = £4,320.00                   

This is a collected price - delivery would be by pallet to the kerbside and would depend on your postcode

The ROHDE Pugmill TS 20 stands for robust, durable construction and excellent performance. The machine is highly suitable for kneading of ceramic bodies prior to further processing, mixing of different bodies and preparation of waste clay. The pugmill enables very good preparation of plastic mixes and gives them a high degree of workability for further processing.

The mixing barrel, mixing shaft fitted with wing blades and all other machine components that come into contact with clay are made of stainless steel. The vertical design and the large feeder allow easy top loading of the TS 20. A split body for disassembly facilitates easy cleaning. Two castors and two fixed machine feet guarantee mobility and a firm stand. The tray unit and cutting device are detachable; the aluminium nozzle is fitted with threads to fi x extruder dies.

Special features of the TS 20:

  • Large stainless steel mixing barrel (diameter 235 mm)
  • External dimensions 540mm x 1100mm x 1070mm, Weight 105kg
  • Aluminium die (diameter 80 mm) with plastic lining
  • Clay throughput up to 600 kg / hour
  • Split barrel facilitates easy and safe cleaning
  • Working table fi tted with device to divide into portions
  • Available as single phase using a 13 amp UK plug or can be ordered using three phase power supply    
  • Safety unit for automatic switch-off

Rohde PW600 Slab Roller

CTM Potters Price:-

PW600 Slab Roller - £1,950.00 + VAT = £2,340.00

PW600-Canvas - extra canvas -  £44.00 + VAT = £52.80                   

This is a collected price - delivery would be by pallet to the kerbside and would depend on your postcode

The ROHDE Slab Roller PW 600 is a very robust and high-quality machine for rolling plastic ceramic

bodies and is extremely easy and safe to handle.

The PW 600 frame construction is made of strong, high-quality welded square tubes that provide the

highest resistance to distortion. The four fixable plug-in feet can be disassembled for transport

allowing it also to be used as a tabletop slab roller.

The clay body is fed in between two sturdy linen cloths for rolling. The large roller diameter and the

smooth-running wheel handle allow the slab to be fed easily through rollers across the entire workspace. The thickness indicator allows the thickness of the slab to be precisely and continually adjusted from two sides. Guided by high-quality grooved ball bearings, the roller slide runs over a smooth, stainless steel roller table. This ensures the highest precision in everyday use in workshops and schools.

Clay slabs can be removed from the slab roller with - out effort and are then ready for further processing. The ROHDE PW 600 does not require elaborate cleaning.

Special features of the PW 600:

  •     Large workspace (650 x 850 mm) providing good overview
  •     External dimensions - 880mm x 1410mm x 1250mm, net weight 100kg
  •     Continuous setting of thickness (up to 85 mm) from two sides, easy-to-read scale
  •     Precise movement of roller using 8 ball bearings on stainless steel roller table
  •     2-layer industrial linen cloth, easy cleaning
  •     Roller diameter 100 mm
  •     Large wheel handle facilitates operation

Rohde SK66 Spray Booth

CTM Potters Price:-

SK66 Spray Booth - £2,010.00 + VAT = £2,412.00


SK66-Connector - reduces to 150D -  £81.00 + VAT = £97.20

SK66-Hose - 150D - £32.00 + VAT = £38.40                   

SK66-Filter - Spare Filter - £18.40 + VAT = £22.08

SK66-Support - Spray Gun Support - £35.90 + VAT = £43.08

This is a collected price - delivery would be by pallet to the kerbside and would depend on your postcode

  • The ROHDE Spray Booth SK 66 has been specially designed for applications in the ceramic manufacturing process. It prevents fine glaze and colour particles from escaping into the air and guarantees dust-free and safe working in the entire workshop.

  • The SK 66 is outstanding in its sturdy and functional assembly. The corrosion-free booth made of shockproof plastic material ensures the particularly silent, smooth and high-performance operation of this unit.

  • The ROHDE fi lter system is integrated into the exhaust device and can be easily cleaned or
  • changed without using tools and prevents toxic colour and glaze particles from escaping into the air.
  • The SK 66 guarantees high safety, excellent ergonomics, low noise levels at high performance level
  • and can be easily accessed for cleaning.
  • External Dimensions 790mm x 790mm x 1700mm, weight 42kg
  • Usable dimensions  670mm x 520mm x x750mm

  • Special features of the SK 66:

  •     Booth made from 8 mm shockproof polypropylene plastics, no corrosion
  •     Filter integrated in baffl e wall, easy to remove and wash
  •     Easy clean-up of machine
  •     330W - 230V 13 amp plug in
  •     Vacuum fan, silent and powerful - 1540 m3/h

  • Optional accessories:

  •     Piece for reduction, diameter 150 mm
  •     Turntable (banding wheels)

Rohde AB100 Sedimentation Basin - Clay Trap

CTM Potters Price:-

AB100 - £330.00 + VAT = £396.00


AB100-Lid / Cover -  £45.00 + VAT = £54.00

This item can be sent by courier at £9.00 + VAT = £10.80

The ROHDE Sedimentation Basin AB 100 is the ideal support for environmental awareness in the ceramic workshop. Glazes, clays and engobes are effectively collected and removed from the wastewater before they reach the sewage system.

This appliance can be connected to practically any drain allowing for flexible use. It is delivered with a

siphon and inlet socket, a cover is optionally available. The stable and shockproof basin made of

environmentally sound polypropylene plastic is highly flexible due to a supporting steel construction

mounted on 4 mobile castors.

The tank has a generous three-compartment system that prevents the blockage of pipes and leads to a reduction in environmental stress.

Special features of the AB 100:

    Generous three-compartment system

    Environmentally sound polypropylene plastic tank, stable and shockproof

    Variable connection of inlet socket (diameter 40 mm)

    4 mobile castors

    Optional cover

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